Prof. Megan Goodwin

Prof. Megan Goodwin (she/her/hers) is a scholar of American religions, race, gender/sexuality, and politics. She is the author of Abusing Religion: Literary Persecution, Sex Scandals, and American Minority Religions (Rutgers 2020). With Prof. Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst, she co-hosts Keeping It 101: A Killjoy’s Introduction to Religion Podcast and is currently cowriting Religion Is Not Done with You (Beacon 2024).

She is the media and tech consultant for the Crossroads Project and a visiting assistant professor of religious studies at Bates College. This class is hybrid so she’s not always on campus this semester, but she’s pretty much always on twitter.



Megan Goodwin

author of _Abusing Religion_, co-host of “Keeping It 101: A Killjoy’s Introduction to Religion Podcast,” and wikipedia-certified expert on (ugh) cults