we always forget

  • (1985) Jason Berry’s reporting on clergy abuse in Louisiana
  • (1988) early survivor-leader Jeanne Miller’s advocacy tour
  • (1992) survivor Frank Fitzpatrick’s emotional prime-time television appearances
  • (2002) the award-winning reporting of the Boston Globe’s “Spotlight” team
  • (2012) criminal convictions of Bishop Robert Finn (MO) and Monsignor William Lynn (PA)
  • (2018) Pennsylvania grand jury report
  • 1983, evil empire speech + snitch laws
  • 1984 global gag rule, Mexico city policy — no aid to NGOs for abortion/promotion of abortion



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Megan Goodwin

Megan Goodwin

author of _Abusing Religion_, co-host of “Keeping It 101: A Killjoy’s Introduction to Religion Podcast,” and wikipedia-certified expert on (ugh) cults